Calling all autumn enthusiasts!

by bekahscorner


A few of my favorite things include baking, the fall season, and hearing other people’s stories. Or being part of their journey. Or simply catching a glimpse of who they are and what has shaped them. This morning, an idea struck me that would allow me to put all of those things together. Let’s consider it one of those “internet projects” that strange people try to start. Call me strange, because I want to try it! And I need YOUR help!

Recently I have picked up the hobby of collecting old cookbooks. You know, the ones with faded colors and spines that are falling apart. Whenever I find them at antique stores, I look for the ones with additional recipe cards hidden between the pages. I’m not just buying an old cookbook, I’m purchasing a treasure chest of stories! Some of the additional recipes will have names on them. I always wonder who these women were, what they enjoyed cooking, and on what occasion a particular recipe was exchanged. There is so much history in creating and sharing food, and I want to be part of that.

This fall, I have already started collecting recipes off Pinterest for various drinks, cookies, breads, and butters with pumpkin or apple in them. I had originally thought of creating a portfolio of the recipes I printed. This morning, however, I thought it would be fun to gather them from women like YOU, who probably have access to many recipes I couldn’t even imagine!

If you’re interested in helping, all I need you to do is find that ONE fall recipe that you love. The one you make every year. The one your family has adored for generations. Or maybe that one you found last week and are eager to try yourself. Pick a recipe and write it on a recipe card. Put your name on the top, with your first name and last initial, along with your general location (ex: Bekah Z, Michigan) If you care to share why this particular recipe is so meaningful to you, please include that as well. Essentially, you are becoming part of a fall cookbook I am putting together—a collection of different women sharing their favorite autumn treat. If I get enough responses, I’ll create a specific blog and post all the recipes I receive. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll have it published.

So where do you send this recipe card? Straight to my home! Put it in an envelope and mail it to: “The Zraik Home / 201 Second St, Apt A / Jackson, MI 49201.”

How often do you have the opportunity to do something kind of crazy like this? I’m hoping to hear from women all over the country! It seems like a long shot to me right now, but I’d like to be proven wrong. We were created to be in community with one another, and I believe that community can happen between anyone. Be sure to put your return address on the envelope, so I can write you back and personally thank you for your contribution. Thanks in advance! I’m excited to hear from you.