As the day draws near…

by bekahscorner

Life brings you a lot of great people, people who will love and support you through any kind of weather. But then you cross paths with one person who will walk the rest of your life journey beside you, holding you closer than you ever thought you deserved. They looked at your flaws and loved you anyway. They sought out your strengths and made sure you were aware of them. They encouraged your dreams and challenged your insecurities. Time turned them into your best friend, in the most intimate and vulnerable definition of the word.

15 days until I get to wake up with him next to me every day. 15 more days until there’s someone there when I get home late from closing at work. 15 more days until I need to do laundry more often and buy more groceries. The world seems to be getting smaller as my dreams grow and excitements rise for the next step in our journey. It’s amazing to me how much I’ve learned about Aaron through the engagement, pre-marital counseling, inevitable arguments, and countless conversations we’ve had to address about tough issues. And we’re not even living together yet. I’ve never had someone in my life who has challenged the formation of my soul so much as the man I get to call my husband in nearly two weeks.

Something about the giddiness of the number “15” seems to take all the stresses and worries of wedding planning and throw them out the window for a few moments. And then reality sets in and I realize I still have programs to make, centerpieces to finish, and a laundry list of other odds and ends to get done before the big day. But it doesn’t matter, because in 15 days, I’ll be with friends and family celebrating the journey that lies ahead of us.

Here’s to a life of deep faithfulness, sweet love, and silly memories.